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Audit - follow-up of incidents at Kollsnes

On 7 - 8 April 2005 we conducted an audit of Gassco's management of follow-up of incidents and on 1 - 2 June with Gassco's "Technical Service Provider" (TSP), Statoil's management of follow-up of incidents. The audit activities were directed towards the prevention of incidents and learning from incidents.

The following regulations are the basis for the audit activity:

  • Provisional regulations relating to safety and working environment of the individual onshore petroleum installations and associated pipeline systems (provisional regulation).

  • Regulations relating to systematic health, environment and safety work in enterprises (the internal control regulations).

  • Regulations relating to actions to avert and limit harmful effects of major accidents in enterprises where hazardous chemicals occur (the major accident regulations).

Kollsnes (Source: Gassco)

Kollsnes (source: Gassco)

Background for the audit

During 2004, there was much activity at Kollsnes in connection with "the Troll Upgrading Project 2004" (TOP 2004). In that connection, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) was notified about several incidents also including incidents with personal injuries. During the first half-year of 2005, the PSA has not been notified about incidents with personal injuries.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to investigate how Gassco and TSP Statoil manage the preventive HSE work in order to avoid incidents and how the companies work to learn from actual undesirable incidents at the Kollsnes plant. In addition, we wanted the audit activity to clarify the management involvement in preventing incidents.

Result of the audit

Several observations indicate positive HSE work:

  • The cooperation between Gassco and Statoil appears to function well.
  • Statoil, Kollsnes has established a system where green incidents are reviewed and cleared by the safety delegate service.
  • Many expressed respect for the HSE work of Vetco Aibel.
  • Statoil's colleague programme is regarded as a positive part of the HSE work.

A need for improvements was identified:

  • It was not confirmed that Statoil had established a systematic follow-up to ensure that the implemented actions after incidents functioned as planned.

  • Statoil expects that the HSE work in "this year's project" will be improved compared to TOP 05. Details of actions to secure improvements were not clarified.

  • During interviews, it was indicated that company's own procedures were not always complied with.

  • Systematic learning from other Statoil facilities can be improved.

  • It is not clear how employee participation is ensured in situations where Gassco governs

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Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss