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Audit following serious personal injury on Deepsea Delta

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has conducted an audit due to a serious personal injury on the mobile installation Deepsea Delta on 14 August 2003. The installation is owned by Odfjell Drilling.

Background for the audit

On 14 August 2003 the NPD was notified of a serious personal injury on Deepsea Delta.

In cooperation with the police it was immediately found that the incident was so serious that it warranted a audit by the NPD, and that the police required the NPD's assistance in investigating the incident.

A police investigation group and an audit group from the NPD were set up to map direct and underlying causes of the incident and any violations of regulatory requirements.

The serious personal injury occurred in connection with a lifting operation on the drill floor. The injured person was squeezed against a railing on a catwalk by a remote-operated pipe-handling lever that was in use at the same time as the lifting operations. The injured person sustained fracture and crush injuries to the hip.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to identify the course of events, direct and underlying causes of the incident, and any deviations and violations of internal requirements and the petroleum regulatory requirements.

Result of the audit

The audit identified the follow deviations from the regulatory requirements:

  • Planning and preparations for the lifting operation had not been carried out properly and the lifting operation had not been cleared in terms of safety.
  • Procedures for lifting operations are unclear and had not been followed.
  • There was no arrangement for safe hooking and unhooking in the catwalk near the drill floor.
  • There was no restriction on the personnel's access to the work area for remote-operated systems on the drill floor.
  • Identified improvement areas have not been sufficiently followed up.

On this basis the NPD has issued a notification of order to Odfjell Drilling.