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Audit of Alvheim linked to risk analyses, structural analyses and maritime factors

During the period 27-28 April and 4 May 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Marathon Petroleum Company Norway (MPC(N)). The audit was aimed at risk analyses, structural analyses and maritime factors.

Background for the audit
The audit was carried out by means of verifications at MST Odin in Åmøyfjorden and at Rosenberg, as well as presentations made by MPC(N). In addition, MPC(N) personnel were interviewed and a document review was held in Marathon's offices in Stavanger.

MPC(N) plans to submit a Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) of the Alvheim field to the authorities during the course of this year. MPC(N)'s intentions are to modify MST Odin so that it can be used as the Alvheim installation. MPC(N) intends to invoke Section 3 of the Framework Regulations, which provides for using relevant technical requirements issued by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, with supplementary classification requirements set by Det Norske Veritas (DNV - the OS standards), given that the installation is registered in a national ship's register and follows a maritime concept of operations.

Wet classification is planned for Odin, which is allowed under the regulations laid down by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and DNV under certain specific circumstances.

MPC(N) plans to leave the installation on the field for the entire field lifetime, i.e. 20 years, without bringing MST Odin into calm waters for inspection, maintenance and repair, if applicable.

Purpose of the audit
The objective of the task was to ensure that MPC(N) complies with the regulatory requirements relating to health, safety and the environment.

Particular emphasis was placed on the requirements entailed through invoking Section 3 of the Framework Regulations.

Result of the audit
We received a generally good impression of the condition of MS Odin. However, there were some things that must be corrected in connection with the rebuilding in order to bring it into line with our regulations.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Ole-Johan Faret