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Audit of area emergency preparedness on Haltenbanken - Draugen

On 14 August and during the period 25-27 August 2003, we conducted an audit at A/S Norske Shell, concerning the area emergency preparedness on board Draugen. The activity is one in a series of audits of several players in the area Halten/Nordland.



Background for the audit

The background for the audit is that Draugen was granted consent for a change in the Consent for Use that had been granted for the installation Draugen on 11 March 2002.

The change concerned the introduction of area emergency preparedness on Haltenbanken.

The consent was given for a trial period of two years, and on the following conditions:

  • A verification program for the relevant installation must be implemented during the trial period in order to confirm that the requirements in the area emergency preparedness plan, as well as the installation's specific requirements for emergency preparedness, are complied with.

  • The company's assessment of the trial period results must be submitted to the NPD before the end of the period.

  • The authorities, represented by the NPD and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, will be conducting audits during the trial period.

In addition, the NPD makes it a precondition that each installation makes sure their level of emergency preparedness satisfies the regulatory requirements at all times.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that the area emergency preparedness, which includes a new SAR helicopter and a new standby vessel as well as follow-up and further development of management systems for emergency preparedness, is established in accordance with statutory requirements.

We also focussed on emergency preparedness plans, emergency preparedness drill/table top, the response personnel's expertise and requirements for the emergency preparedness organisation, in order to provide an overall view of how each installation in the area safeguards its emergency preparedness.

Result of the audit

The audit uncovered no serious problems. Our main impression is nevertheless that there is room for improvement in some matters related to emergency preparedness.

The audit looked mainly at issues related to the area resources, but other emergency preparedness issues on Draugen were also touched on. Some of the observations that were made cannot be linked directly to the area emergency preparedness for Halten/Nordland.

Several observations give the impression that joint exercises and drills involving the area resources have been deficient.

It is also our impression that there is a general lack of familiarity with the documentation and diverging views concerning requisitioning and disposal of the area resources.

It transpired during the audit that there was no system offshore for transfer of experience between the installations, and that the system for transfer of experience between the operating organisations on land ought to be improved.

The NPD has observed several other matters where we believe Shell has an improvement potential, e.g. the procedure for work above the sea, use of MOB vessel, expertise in use of the CCR radar, DFU for helicopter accident and for land organisation on follow-up of other participant (Statoil as resource operator).