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Audit of barrier management at Nyhamna

Audit: During the period 5-6 November 2008, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of how A/S Norske Shell (Shell) manages technical and operational barriers during operation and maintenance of the process facility.


Background for the audit
The background for the audit was the PSA's objective of reducing major accident risk, as well as information from previous follow-up activities conducted in relation to Shell and Ormen Lange.

These activities include audits of follow-up and use of risk analyses in connection with start-up and operation of Ormen Lange which were conducted in 2007 and our follow-up of undesirable incidents on Ormen Lange/at Nyhamna since the facility was started up.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to evaluate Shell's systems for management of technical and operational barriers at Nyhamna – with the experience the company has gained since start-up in 2007.

Key topics of the audit were:

  • Experience in the use of risk management systems.
  • Management of resources and competence on the part of technical personnel and supervisors.
  • Technical and operational challenges in the facility.
  • How the company captures lessons learned from relevant incidents.

Result of the audit
Shell now has about one year of experience with operation of the Ormen Lange field, including the facility at Nyhamna.

In the audit, Shell presented a number of incidences of experience the company has gained during this period, including challenges the company has faced, implemented improvement measures and areas where there is still room for improvement.

Through presentations, conversations with personnel and reviews of documents, we have identified nonconformities and improvement items linked to Shell's management of its own personnel's competence, as well as to its procedures for managing technical and operational barriers.