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Audit of BP's system for follow-up of incidents

During the period 5 May - 6 June 2006, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of BP Norge AS' (BP) system for follow-up of incidents and implementation of measures after incidents.

The audit activities were carried out by BP presenting its system for follow-up of incidents. We verified the system and the company's measures in connection with incidents which were notified pursuant to Section 11 of the Information Duty Regulations relating to alerting and reporting to the supervisory authorities regarding hazard and accident situations.

Background for the audit

Pursuant to paramount goals, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway shall among other things:

  • Contribute to reducing the risk level for all the petroleum activities.

  • Implement a risk based audit directed at the players by:
    - Developing a strengthened and unified audit of the operator's management of the activities.
    - Ensure that the players prevent incidents with a large potential for becoming major accidents.
    - Ensure that a good HSE culture is established within the industry


During the audit we have investigated whether there are good systems established for management of the activities, as well as good measures for preventing incidents.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit activities was to assess BP's system for follow-up of incidents, emphasising the following:

  • Initial registration and classification (description of the incident, causes for failure and measures).
  • The investigation procedures.
  • Measures (both human, technical and organisational) and evaluation of the effect of the measures.
  • Trends, statistics and lessons learned.
  • Management of the incident follow-up process: Procedures, resources, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)*.

When evaluating measures, we focused on whether the company both had measures to prevent equivalent incidents, as well as emergency preparedness measures to handle them. The company's procedures were used as a basis for evaluating the system for follow-up of incidents.

* Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Measure indicators that help organisations consider and improve their own processes.

Result from the audit

We found some nonconformities during the audit. The procedure for follow-up of incidents conform with the requirements drawn up in Section 10 of the Management Regulations about work processes.

This is substantiated in Chapter 5 of the audit report through the nonconformities and points of improvement described.

The nonconformities described in Chapter 5.1 to the work process for follow-up of incidents will make it difficult to manage the incident process. The documentation received cannot document a managed process.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss