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Audit of chemicals management in Talisman

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) carried out an audit of uniform chemicals management in Talisman Energy Norge AS (TENAS) during the period 13 - 21 February 2006. The audit was directed at the company's selection, use, discharge and disposal of chemicals.

The audit was carried out by interviewing TENAS personnel onshore, and with verification offshore on Petrojarl Varg (photo).


The audit also comprised PGS Production AS (PGS) as operator of the activities on Petrojarl Varg.

The audit emphasised:

  • Selection of chemicals: the operator's HSE criteria and procedures.

  • Substitution: a uniform approach.

  • HSE considerations (evaluation of all HSE aspects).

  • Follow-up of incidents in the process facility.

  • Health and environment documentation (HSE data sheet and HOCNF).


Background for the audit

The HSE regulatory requirements for the petroleum activities on the shelf link the health, environment and safety aspects of selecting, using and disposing of chemicals, and require the companies to establish uniform chemicals management.

Corresponding audits of uniform chemicals management have also been carried out towards other operators. A coordinated audit of the chemicals management at TENAS has not been carried out previously.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to ensure that TENAS and PGS have established and apply effective and uniform systems for HSE management of chemicals.

Moreover, it has been an objective to make sure that all relevant requirements and the intentions of the regulatory requirements are followed-up in a systematic way.

Result of the audit

During the audit we identified several weaknesses in both TENAS' and PGS' systems for HSE management of use of chemicals compared with the regulatory requirements.

A nonconformity was identified in relation to PGS' systems for training and implementation of chemical risk assessments.

In addition we identified conditions with a potential for improvement in the following areas:

  • Ecotoxicological documentation for chemicals in closed systems.

  • TENAS' systems for implementation of risk assessments.

  • Uniform management of chemicals on Petrojarl Varg.

  • Work on substitution on Petrojarl Varg.

  • Responsibilities related to follow-up of the working environment in PGS' onshore organisation.

  • Ventilation in a paint shed on Petrojarl Varg.

  • Follow-up on reclassification of thread compound on the Varg field.


The audit also noted several positive conditions on Petrojarl Varg. These include:

  • Good tidiness and cleaning in the process facility.

  • Good routines for distribution of HSE data sheet and risk assessments from central register to the chemicals storage.

  • Conscious reduction of the use of chemicals in the process facility (for example biocides).


Mapping of benzene in connection with entering tanks, and follow-up of this.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss