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Audit of collection of environmental data at Norne

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) in cooperation with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Met.no) carried out an audit of the collection of environmental data on Norne in the period 31 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2006.

The audit reviewed the equipment and systems for the collection of environmental data, the routines for reporting and application as well as for maintenance.

Norne (kilde: Statoil)

The Norne facility (Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil ASA)

Background for the audit

Environmental data from Norne are very important for the flying weather reports and flight control services at sea, in particular as there are so few measuring points in this area. Good quality measurements and observations are required to achieve good results.

To ensure safe helicopter traffic, it is especially important to obtain correct references to altitude with accurate and reliable atmospheric pressure readings. To ensure a satisfactory degree of accuracy of these readings, it is necessary to be able to document that the available values have a degree of accuracy that fall within the regulatory requirements.

The collection of environmental data is of great importance for matters such as safe helicopter transport, weather-dependent operations in the activities, the supply services and also for society at large in that the data is incorporated into the weather data base of Met.no.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of this audit was to review the relevant routines for the execution, maintenance and reporting of the collection of environmental data and to evaluate the technical standard of the systems and equipment on Norne (see illustration), cf. regulatory requirements for the collection of environmental data in Section 25 of the Framework Regulations, the requirements for collection and discarding of data in Section 4 litra b) of the Information Duty Regulations, and also Section 16 of the Facilities Regulations concerning instrumentation for surveillance and registration with reference to guidelines and use of NORSOK standard N-002.

The regulatory requirements also encompass METAR observations (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports).

Result of the audit

Observations showed a very good correspondence between the measuring instruments on Norne and Met.no's mobile standards.

The equipment used for the collection of environmental data was clean and in good working order.

The governing documents for the contents of the maintenance system are located in DocMap. The equipment is subject to the prevailing control routines for Norne. Routines for preventative maintenance were reviewed. The maintenance is performed by the technical staff onboard.

Norne has a complete SHIP service (coded weather observations at sea) with automatic transmission of SHIP every hour. The SHIP transmissions include observations recorded by instruments as well as manual observations.

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