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Audit of ConocoPhillips related to well control and maintenance

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of ConocoPhillips Norge (CoPNo) and the drilling contractor Odfjell Drilling Management (ODM) on land on 4 - 5 May 2004 and offshore on Eldfisk 217-B on 11 - 13 May 2004. The audit was related to the area of well control and maintenance, including complete overhauling of well control equipment.

The audit was conducted in the form of presentations and interviews with personnel on land and offshore from CoPNo and ODM.

Background for the audit

Following audits of mobile drilling installations and shipowners in 2000 and 2003 respectively, the audit of CoPNo was planned to verify similarities or potential differences related to well control and well control systems between permanent and mobile installations.

The result of the audit will also be incorporated into the ongoing PSA project "BOP and associated well control systems".

The audit included a review of selected parts of the companies' systems and routines in connection with drilling and well activities in order to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and the companies' internal requirements concerning:

* competence requirements and training related to well control
* implementation of well control drills
* testing of well control equipment
* maintenance and complete overhauling of well control equipment
* documentation of competence requirements, testing and maintenance of equipment
* interfaces between the operator and drilling contractor
* handling non-conformances

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to verify that applicable regulations and company routines were complied with in connection with maintenance and complete overhauling of well control equipment and in connection with well control training for drilling and well activities.

Result of the audit

The audit identified deviations from the regulatory requirements related to:

* Lack of criticality assessments of well control equipment in the maintenance system SAP.
* Deficient handling of non-conformances after internal review of the well control system.
* Deficient drain solution for potential leakage of hydraulic oil and diesel from containers for Caterpillars.

These are matters ConocoPhillips and Odfjell must rectify as soon as possible. Reference is made to the details in Section 5.1 of the report.

In addition, the audit identified improvement items in ConocoPhillips and Odfjell.

This concerns inter alia matters associated with implementation, documentation and follow-up of complete overhauling of well control equipment based on improvement of routines used in connection with complete overhauling in 2003, and entering of deficient equipment in the maintenance system SAP.

With regard to the competence plan and training of personnel, the audit identified a deficient competence plan for CoPNo drilling personnel. Neither ConocoPhillips nor Odfjell have mapped the need for special courses for relevant personnel in drilling and well control beyond the company requirement for IWCF courses.

CoPNo and Odfjell have an improvement potential in relation to documenting that implemented well control training/drills were conducted in accordance with internal company requirements, contractual requirements and recommendations in Norsok standard D-010.

The companies need to review procedures and handling of non-conformances in connection with delays beyond defined deadlines for carrying out planned maintenance.

There is a need to review the working environment in those containers on the platform which are used as offices and workplaces for drilling and well personnel.

Reference is made to Section 5.2 of the report for a description of the individual improvement items identified.

Info on our follow-up after the audit

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