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Audit of ConocoPhillips – well programme

Audit: On 11 November 2009, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of ConocoPhillips (COPSAS) aimed at the company's work on the well programme for completion and well interventions. No nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements were identified.

Background for the audit
The need for increased attention to the work to prevent major accidents is emphasised in Storting White Paper No. 12 (2005-2006) and in the PSA's main priorities.

In this connection, we carried out audit activities aimed at the well programme in order to follow up how the industry in general, and the company's drilling and well management in particular, are involved in the work to prevent major accidents.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the company's systems, routines and preparation of programmes for completion and well interventions in relation to the requirements stipulated in the applicable regulations.

Result of the audit
A review was made of the company's systems and routines for preparing programmes for well completion and well interventions.

We assessed the company's established practices measured against applicable requirements in regulations and standards.

In the programmes used, we saw examples which indicated that the formulation of the programmes was not consistently uniform and user-friendly.

No nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements were identified during this audit activity.

Improvement items were noted in relation to the following factors:

  • Final report following completion of drilling and well activities
  • Quality-assurance of well programmes
  • New technology and new methods

Journal 2009/134 (documents in Norwegian)