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Audit of electrical and safety systems on Varg

During the period 11-19 March 2004, we conducted an audit of electrical and safety systems on Petrojarl Varg and Varg A.


The audit started with a kick-off meeting at Pertra and was implemented as an offshore verification on Petrojarl Varg (PJV) and Varg A.
In addition to interviews with relevant personnel and testing of safety systems, verifications were also conducted in relation to documentation and electrical systems.

The Varg field (illustration: Norsk Hydro)

The audit focused on the following:

  • Qualifications of electrical professionals
  • Backlog in critical maintenance for electrical and safety systems
  • Internal control of electrical systems
  • Verifications of documentation and electrical systems
  • Testing of safety systems

Background for the audit

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway shall set the standards for and follow up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain a high level of health, safety, environment and emergency preparedness, and thereby also contribute to creating the greatest possible values for the Norwegian society.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway shall contribute towards reducing the risk level in the offshore petroleum activities by following up to ensure that the players provide for technical and operational integrity of the installations, as well as follow up the interplay between human beings - technology - organization in HSE-critical systems.

This description includes the audit activities to verify that the players facilitate and maintain technical integrity on the installations, and to ensure that governing documentation exists and is complied with.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to verify that Pertra and PGS Production plan, implement and follow up the activities in accordance with requirements in regulations linked to electrical and safety systems.

Result of the audit

The audit activity uncovered several non-conformances in relation to the regulations.

None of these were so serious that they individually or jointly give grounds for an order.

The report also contains items where there is a potential for improvement.

There was a general lack of inspection of temporary equipment.

Function tests were performed in the audit activity linked to systems for emergency power supply, emergency lighting/escape lighting, as well as detection systems for fire and gas.

The following findings were made:

The testing of the emergency lighting on Varg A revealed deficient emergency lighting on the south side of the platform. This is an area of the installation where evacuation to lifeboats will take place.

Tests of flame detectors on Varg A resulted in the unintentional triggering of a general alarm on the installation, as well as on the Mærsk Giant drilling rig.

A review of the logic for the fire and gas system after the test showed that necessary overrides had been implemented, and that the general alarm should not have been sounded.

The PSA's follow-up

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss

The PSA's follow-up

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss