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Audit of electrical and safety systems on Visund

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an offshore verification on Visund during the period 27 - 29 April 2004. In addition to interviews with relevant personnel and testing of safety systems, verifications of documents and electrical installations were also conducted.

Background for the audit

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is to stipulate the conditions for the players in the petroleum activities and follow up that they maintain a high standard in health, safety and the environment, and thereby contribute to creating as much value as possible for society. The PSA to contribute to reducing the risk level in the offshore petroleum activities by following up the players to ensure that they facilitate technical and operational integrity on the installations, and follow up the interaction between man and the technology organization in HSE-critical systems. This includes audits of Statoil in 2004 that verify:

  • that governing documentation exists and is complied with.
  • that the players facilitate and maintain technical integrity on the installations.

    the effect of measures and transfer of experience following incidents and audits.

On 1 January 2003 Statoil took over the operator responsibility for Visund from Hydro. In the period ahead there will be substantial activity in connection with modifications to the installation.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit was to verify that Statoil plans, implements and follows up its activities in accordance with the regulatory requirements concerning electrical and safety systems.

Result of the audit

The audit identified several deviations from the regulatory requirements. None of these was serious enough, individually or jointly, to warrant orders. In addition, the report contains items where there is a potential for improvement. For example, the audit revealed that temporary equipment was sent to the installation without deviations from the regulatory requirements being identified or clarified.

We have no comments on the transfer of experience within the electrical department. With regard to the effect of measures following incidents and audits, a review of internal supervision and system for work orders and incident follow-up revealed that

observations made several years ago had not been documented as having been rectified.

Function tests were conducted during the audit related to the system for emergency lighting/escape lighting and the detection system for fire and gas. A drill was conducted related to a simulated incident with a fire in a high-voltage room. The function tests yielded good results in general. One exception was the results of exterior emergency lighting. We identified faults in nearly half of the lighting fixtures.

Info on our follow-up after the audit
Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
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