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Audit of emergency preparedness and helideck on Njord A

During the period 29-30 March 2005, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), assisted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) conducted an audit activity aimed at Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s. The audit targeted the structure and operation of the helicopter deck on Njord A, emergency preparedness functions associated with the helicopter deck, as well as organization of emergency preparedness and emergency preparedness equipment.

Njord AThe audit team was very well received on the facility, in that the team was met by the platform manager and given information regarding safety factors on board, as well as the general status of operations on the facility.

In addition, the introduction and the safety round were of good quality.

An inspection round to inspect emergency equipment, marking and escape routes was conducted with Norsk Hydro's safety supervisor (observer, land organization).

An emergency preparedness exercise was conducted in connection with the helicopter deck. The audit team observed the exercise both from the control room and at the helicopter deck, and also participated in the debriefing after the exercise.

Background for the audit

The PSA and the CAA plan to conduct several integrated audit activities in 2005 with main focus on the helicopter deck and emergency preparedness, with the objective of achieving more comprehensive and effective supervision.

The audit activity was carried out on the basis of the Management Regulations, Section 11 on Manning and competence, Section 20 on Handling of non-conformities, Section 21 on Follow-up and Section 22 on Improvement, the Facilities Regulations, Section 71 on Helicopter decks, cf. the Regulations relating to continental shelf flights - commercial aviation to and from helicopter decks on permanent and mobile offshore facilities, BSL D 5-1, and Section 68 of the Activities Regulations relating to Handling of situations of hazard and accident.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that Hydro's management system safeguards HSE and emergency preparedness associated with the helicopter deck in a prudent manner, as well as to prevent aviation accidents that can be attributed to the properties or operation of the helicopter deck.

The audit verified that the helicopter deck on Njord A satisfies the regulatory requirements with regard to loads associated with the relevant aircraft, location, design, size, obstacles, general requirements, visual aids, operative fittings, fire and rescue preparedness, maintenance and operation, and the operations and emergency preparedness manual.

A review of the management systems focused on organization, expertise, maintenance, handling of non-conformities and improvement, based on the operation of the helicopter deck and central emergency preparedness measures linked to the helicopter deck.

With regard to emergency preparedness on the facility, emphasis was also placed on evacuation equipment, evacuation routes and how they are marked, as well as the emergency response organization with the tasks associated with handling incidents on and near the helicopter deck.

Result of the audit

The audit on Njord A did not reveal any factors that will lead to a notification of order.

We have noted non-conformities in relation to the applicable regulations related to obstacles in connection with approach and takeoff, as well as deficient marking and lighting.

Other observations made by the audit team as regards flight safety and emergency preparedness are listed as improvement items.

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