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Audit of emergency preparedness issues at the Sture terminal

On 29 November 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of how Norsk Hydro as the operator handles emergency preparedness issues at the Sture terminal.

The audit was conducted in the form of a dialogue, where Norsk Hydro presented the existing emergency preparedness plans for the Sture terminal while the PSA asked clarifying questions.

The audit was concluded with a verification/inspection of the facility itself.

The Sture terminal. Photo: Norsk Hydro

The Sture terminal

The crude oil terminal on Stura in the municipality of Øygarden receives oil and condensate via the pipeline from the Oseberg A platform, from the fields Oseberg, Veslefrikk, Brage, Oseberg Sør, Oseberg Øst, Tune, Huldra and Grane.

The terminal came on stream in December 1988 and includes two quayside facilities that are able to receive oil tankers of up to 300,000 tonnes.

Background for the audit

Since 1 January 2004 the PSA has had the authority to supervise safety, emergency preparedness and working environment for some facilities on land, including the Sture terminal.

On this background the PSA is to establish and operate the supervision of petroleum activities on land. In this connection the PSA is conducting a series of audit activities looking at how the operators handle emergency preparedness issues in the land facilities.

The audit on Stura is thus one in this series of audit activities.

Purpose of the audit

The PSA used the audit to gain an overall understanding of how emergency preparedness issues are handled on Stura, cf. the regulations in Section 47 on emergency preparedness and Section 22 on alarm in dangerous and accident situations, in "Midlertidig forskrift om sikkerhet og arbeidsmiljø for enkelte petroleumsanlegg på land og tilknyttede rørsystemer" (Interim regulations on safety and working environment for some petroleum facilities on land and associated pipeline systems).

See also the regulations in Section 19 on Safety in the activities, Section 20 on the safety level in activities with dangerous substances etc. and Section 21 on the duty of preparedness, in the Fire Prevention Act.

Result of the audit

Through the audit the PSA has gained an overall understanding of how emergency preparedness issues are handled on Stura. Our impression after the audit is in general a positive one.

The emergency preparedness measures for the Sture terminal have been established and are being maintained in accordance with "Bestemmelser og retningslinjer for industrivern" (Regulations and guidelines for industrial safety) which was drawn up by the Norwegian Industrial Safety and Security Organisation (NSO).

A system has been set up for alerting the PSA of incidents.

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