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Audit of emergency preparedness on Aker Spitsbergen

Audit: The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), assisted by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (Sdir), conducted an audit of the drilling facility Aker Spitsbergen on 10 February 2009 while the facility was at the Westcon yard in Ølensvåg. The audit targeted emergency preparedness, with emphasis on the facility's means of evacuation and emergency response equipment. Six nonconformities and two improvement items were identified.

The audit was conducted in the form of document reviews, conversations with parties including the safety delegate service and verifications on the facility.

Aker Spitsbergen (source: Aker)

Background for the audit
The background for the audit is Aker Drilling's application for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the Aker Spitsbergen drilling facility. 

The first audit was carried out in September 2008 (link). Because much of the emergency preparedness equipment was not in place at that time, a decision was made to perform this audit on board as a follow-up activity.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify emergency preparedness factors related to Aker Drilling's application for an AoC for Aker Spitsbergen. 

Result of the audit
Six nonconformities and two improvement items were identified, and these are described in detail in Chapter 5 of the audit report. 

The nonconformities relate to the marking of escape routes, suits used by the MOB boat crews, blocking of escape routes, storage of rescue suits, placement of life vests and updating of the safety plan.

The improvement items are linked to firefighters' equipment and clothing, and instructions for operating emergency response and other emergency equipment.

 Previously requested but not yet received documentation is listed in Chapter 6 of the report.