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Audit of equipment commissioning on Kårstø

In connection with an audit pursuant to the Regulations relating to major accidents (storulykkeforskriften), the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) also conducted an audit on 24 October 2005 directed at Gassco in connection with the commissioned equipment in the expansion project at Kårstø (KEP). The audit activities comprised piping systems, vessels and safety valves.

Background for the audit

The PSA shall contribute towards reducing the risk level in the petroleum activities by following up the players to ensure that they facilitate technical and operational integrity on installations and facilities, and follow up the interplay between man/technology/organisation in HSE-critical systems.


Kårstø (source: Statoil)

Installation and commissioning of equipment in connection with KEP is regarded as an important activity in terms of quality and integrity.

Purpose of the audit

Based on the strategies, plans and procedures applicable to KEP, the PSA has with this audit activity sought to clarify to what extent the installation work and commissioning of the equipment have taken place in accordance with the provisional regulations for land-based facilities and regulations relating to pressure equipment, as well as Gassco's safety requirements for such activities.

Moreover, the objective of the activity was to follow up the PSA's obligation pursuant to directive 97/23/EEC "Pressure equipment directive", article 2 relating to inspection of pressure equipment.

Result of the audit

No nonconformity from the regulatory requirements was proven in the areas covered by the audit.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss