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Audit of follow-up of incidents on Melkøya

On 18 - 19 October 2005, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit on Melkøya. The activity was directed towards prevention, investigation and follow-up of undesirable incidents at Hammerfest LNG. Hammerfest LNG is still in the installation and construction phase, so that hydrocarbons are not present in the process facility, tanks and pipelines. We have not found any non-conformities in relation to the current regulatory requirements during the audit.

Background for the audit

One of the PSA's priority areas for 2005 is improvement of the supervision of the onshore petroleum activity. Furthermore, one of the measures under the PSA's priority areas is to ensure that the players prevent incidents with significant potential as regards major accidents and accidents involving loss of lives or serious personal injuries.

Source: Statoil

The LNG plant on Melkøya (source: Statoil)

During the time the PSA has been the regulatory authority for land-based facilities in the petroleum industry (from 1 January 2004) several incidents with serious consequences and incidents with major accident potential have occured on several of the facilities.

On this basis - and with reference to the commitment areas for 2005 - a resolution has been made to implement follow-up activities in 2005 directed towards companies that operate or are builders of the facilities, where the topic is undesirable incidents.

The activities follow a priority list of the facilities, classified according to scope of activities and hazardous situations and accidents.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the activity is for the PSA of Statoil's efforts to prevent undesirable incidents, including to what extent the company works proactively to ensure that probability of undesirable incidents is reduced. On this basis, the PSA will make sure that learning points after incidents are incorporated into the organization and used in the preventive work.

Result of the audit

The PSA notes that the efforts in the health, environment and safety area on Melkøya have been intensified and will be subject to further increase in the form of strengthening the HSE department in the future.

Furthermore, we see that compliance with the established arrangements for notification of undesirable incidents is better than before, and that investigation of these are given higher priority.

However, some observations show that there is room for improvements in some areas.

No non-conformities in relation to regulatory requirements were found during the audit.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss