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Audit of Gassco's follow-up of technical service provider

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Gassco AS at Bygnes on 21 April 2008 and at Langeled Receiving Facilities (LRF) in Easington on 29 April 2008. We identified no non-conformities from the applicable regulations during the audit.

The audit was aimed at the operating company Gassco's management and follow-up vis-à-vis Centrica Storage Ltd (CSL), which is the technical service provider (TSP) at LRF.

Langeled Receiving Facilities

Langeled Receiving Facilities

Background for the audit
Langeled Sør from Sleipner to Easington came on stream on 1 October 2006. CLS is the TLP at LRF in Easington, and responsible vis-à-vis Gassco for the daily operation and maintenance of the facility, which also includes the operation of the pipeline and associated equipment.

This is CSL's first TSP assignment. StatoilHydro, ConocoPhillips and Total all have corresponding roles as TSPs for other transport systems where Gassco is the operator.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to create a basis for assessing to what extent Gassco, as the operator of Langeled Sør, complies with the requirements for management and follow-up of players in the petroleum activities set by the regulations, internal requirement documents and agreements between the parties.

Furthermore, the purpose was to check that the parts of the  transport system which fall under the PSA's authority are operated in a prudent manner and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Result of the audit
We identified no non-conformities from the applicable regulations during the audit. Gassco has set internal requirements which meet the regulatory requirements and carries out measures which ensures concord between own requirements and those of other participants (TSPs).

Furthermore, measuring indicators have been established to monitor matters of importance for the safety of Langeled Sør. In some areas, there is a potential for improvement in connection with Gassco's management and follow-up:

Communication and response (There are some ambiguities in the agreement (TSA) related to the allocation of roles between the operator and TSP as regards the relationship with UK authorities).

Interface presentation (There are diverging descriptions of the interfaces and responsibilities between Gassco and CSL in the territorial waters, the zone where the pipeline comes ashore and on land).

2008 HSE Program (The 2008 HSE Program is not in place, although the deadline set by Gassco has expired).

Reporting of undesirable incidents (Gassco does not receive satisfactory feedback from CSL as regards registration and reporting of undesirable incidents using Synergi).