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Audit of HSE and maintenance on the Scarabeo 5 drilling rig

During the period 20-22 April 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted a verification activity on board the Scarabeo 5 drilling rig. The activity was aimed at the company's management of health, safety and environment (HSE) and maintenance on the installation.

The audit was conducted by means of interviews and verifications on board. In connection with implementation of the audit activity, verifications were performed of areas that the company confirmed were closed after the AoC was issued, as well as of items that the company confirmed were closed during the AoC process itself.

Background for the audit

The background for the audit is the Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) issued to Scarabeo 5.
Most players/shipowners/drilling contractors have amended their governing documents as a consequence of new regulations. At the same time, many of these same players have introduced new systems for administration of maintenance activities. These developments have entailed a greater need for following up the activities.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit activity was to help enhance the drilling contractor's management expertise for implementation of activities linked to maintenance of mobile drilling rigs, and to verify that all elements of the shipping company's management system function as intended.

Another goal was to ensure that the drilling contractor's management of HSE and maintenance of mobile drilling rigs is carried out in accordance with the PSA's regulations from 2002, as well as to verify that measures and preconditions for the AoC issued on 16 May 2003 have been followed up as agreed in the following areas:

- HSE management
- maintenance
- lifting appliances and lifting operations
- technical safety and electrical disciplines

Moreover, the audit was intended to verify that responsibility, authority and reporting lines are well-known and that governing documents are available in updated versions, and that operations crews are familiar with said documents.

Result of the audit

Two new non-conformances were recorded in the area of fire and gas detection, as well as one non-conformance linked to registration of equipment in the maintenance system.

Our impression after the verifications and conversations on board is that Saipem has improved its system for maintaining Scarabeo 5, but that there is still room for improvement.
The improvement areas are largely linked to recording of equipment history and handling of outstanding maintenance, as well as maintenance of third-party equipment. We have also noted potential for improvement in relation to following up measures after investigations.

It is also our impression that Saipem has established a safety delegate system that functions as intended.
The installation was generally tidy and in good order.

Info on our follow-up after the audit

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