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Audit of HSE control at Transocean

During the period 6 - 10 March 2006 the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Transocean Sedco Forex (Transocean) in connection with their drilling activity with Transocean Searcher on the Åsgard field. The audit was directed at Transocean's management system, the technical condition of the facility and operational issues.

The audit activity was carried out as meetings, interviews with personnel onshore and offshore, and through verifications within selected areas on the facility. During the offshore part of the audit, Transocean carried observers from the onshore organisation at Stjørdal.

Background for the audit

Transocean Searcher (kilde: Transocean)The background for the audit is the issue of (AoC) on 19 December 2003 for Transocean Searcher (photo) and Statoil's consent for use of the facility on the Åsgard field.

The consent is, inter alia, given on the basis of documentation related to the AoC for the facility, with the assumptions and obligations which the Acknowledgement of Compliance constitute for the drilling contractor.

Transocean has 4 facilities in operation on the Norwegian shelf (Tranocean Searcher, Transcoean Arctic, Transocean Leader and Polar Pioneer). In addition the company has recently applied for an AoC for Transocean Winner. These facilities are operated by separate operating organisations in Norway, with support from the main office in Stavanger.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that Transocean complies with the requirements related to HSE management in connection with the drilling activity with Transocean Searcher on the Åsgard field. This includes, inter alia, follow-up of the general terms in the AoC, follow-up of incidents, technical condition/maintenance, internal audits, the system for handling nonconformities/exemptions, as well as how the company handles its responsibility as a main company and the requirements relating to competence and training.

Result from the audit

We identified improvements as regards the general technical condition on the installation compared with earlier verifications. We also noted that measures which should have been implemented, had not been implemented as planned.

During the audit we identified nonconformity with the regulatory requirements relating to weatherproof closing means/sealing .

Furthermore, we found improvement potential within the following areas:

  • Handling of nonconformities.

  • Training.

  • Maintenance management.

  • Follow-up after incidents and investigations.


We got a positive impression of the atmosphere on board. People seemed comfortable on the installation. We would particularly like to underline the interview with representatives from the preparedness teams, and the training and drills for the MOB boat team.

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Mike Theiss