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Audit of HSE management and follow-up of AoC on Mærsk Innovator

During the period 21 - 24 September 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of Maersk Contractors Norge AS (MCN) and the company's HSE management and follow-up of conditions in the Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the drilling rig Mærsk Innovator (photo).

The activity was carried out as a verification of the company's management of health, safety and environment (HSE), maintenance, crane and lifting operations, technical safety and electrical equipment.
During the audit, a start-up meeting was held with personnel in the onshore organisation, as well as interviews and verifications on board the rig.

Background for the audit

The background for the audit is the AoC dated 7 May 2003 to MCN for the drilling rig Mærsk Innovator. The drilling contractor has the responsibility for maintaining the AoC at all times, and ensuring that the drilling rig, its own HSE management system and the organisation are in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to contribute towards ensuring that the control of HSE and maintenance on mobile drilling rigs is implemented in accordance with the requirements in applicable regulations. It was also an objective to verify that measures and assumptions in the AoC are followed up as agreed, and that the drilling contractor's management system functions as intended.

Result of the audit

The audit has identified nonconformance with the regulatory requirements relating to:

  • Lack of expertise and training of new personnel
  • Handling of third party equipment (temporary equipment)
  • Lack of compliance with the maintenance program
  • Marking of equipment and traceability/documentation of important safety-related important equipment
  • Missing approval of temporarily installed (rig) lifting appliance
  • Sound signal for evacuation alarm
  • Electrical distribution switchboards and protection risk

During the audit we discovered a number of improvement points within some of the verified areas. We can mention, for example, handling of nonconformance and a plan for internal audits.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss