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Audit of HSE management in KCA Deutag

During the period 22-23 February 2006, we conducted an audit of KCA Deutag Drilling Norge. The audit was aimed at the company's HSE management in connection with its activities as drilling contractor on fixed facilities on the Norwegian shelf. Subsequent to the audit, it is our impression that KCA Deutag has established a well-arranged management system for following up health, safety and environment.

The audit was conducted by means of meetings and interviews with personnel on land, as well as verification of specific documents in the management system.

Background for the audit

Audit activities are part of the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's efforts vis-à-vis contractors and in furtherance of our goal of more uniform follow-up of all players in the petroleum activities.

About 60% of the people who are employed offshore work for contracting companies. The percentage varies from facility to facility and depends on which types of activities are carried out.

We have not previously conducted audits directly aimed at drilling contractors on fixed facilities, although similar audits have targeted other types of contractors.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to obtain an overview of KCA Deutag's management system for safeguarding health, working environment and safety in connection with the company's drilling activities on the Shelf, as well as to verify compliance with HSE requirements in all phases and parts of the management loop.

Therefore, the audit focused on management elements rather than details in the respective technical areas.

Another objective was to illuminate aspects of the interfaces between drilling contractor, well service company and operating company.

Result of the audit

Our impression is that KCA Deutag has established a well-arranged management system to follow up health, safety and environment, and that employees both on land and offshore have good access to this system.

The company has developed systematic HSE activity plans for annual follow-up of selected HSE topics. Both the employees and the Working Environment Committee (AMU) are involved in this process.

During the audit, we identified certain nonconformities and elements where there is a potential for improvement in the following areas:

  • Handling nonconformities

  • HSE action plan

  • Maintenance management

  • Training

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss