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Audit of HSE management of the drilling and well activities on Ekofisk

Audit: During the period 11 March – 23 April 2009 the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the HSE management relating to the drilling and well areas on Ekofisk Kilo and Bravo operated by ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS (CoPSAS). The audit identified one nonconformity in relation to the regulatory requirements and seven items with a potential for improvement.

Ekofisk K og B (kilde: Kulturminne Ekofisk)

Ekofisk 2/4-K and B

The audit was initiated with a prejob meeting in the onshore organisation on 11 March 2009 at CoPSAS in Tananger with representatives from the operating company, drilling contractor and well service company.

The audit continued onshore on 31 March and 1 April 2009 with interviews involving relevant personnel in the onshore organisation, as well as a guided tour of the CoPSAS premises for management of well integrity and integrated operations.

During the period 20 April – 23 April 2009, verifications and interviews were conducted  with relevant personnel on the Ekofisk Kilo and Ekofisk Bravo facilities.

Background for the audit
This year the PSA has established specific main priorities which have been helpful in the preparation of this activity. Our target areas are concentrated on continuous improvement of HSE management, technical and operational integrity in connection with lifetime extensions and use of integrated operations.

Based on the application for consent for a lifetime extension, we have identified a need for verifying the circumstances relating to activities on the facilities. This has resulted in a need for reviewing the company's further plans in connection with safeguarding well integrity.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify the company's compliance with relevant requirements related to HSE management in the drilling and well areas on the Ekofisk Kilo and Ekofisk Bravo facilities.

The following topics related to HSE management of the activities were included in the audit:

  • Job responsibility and reporting procedures
  • Integrated Operations
  • Competence, staffing and employee participation
  • Incident reporting and follow-up
  • Maintenance and upgrading of equipment
  • Monitoring and management of well integrity
  • Handover of wells
  • Exercises and drills in connection with well control
  • Meetings for planning and travel offshore
  • The work permit system and risk assessment (SJA)
  • Technical verifications

Result of the audit
We noted a good working relationship between the operator, drilling contractor and well service company on Ekofisk.
One nonconformity and seven items with a potential for improvement were recorded.

Chapter 5.1 of the report recorded:

  • Deficient maintenance of well barriers on Ekofisk Kilo /Bravo (nonconformity).

Chapter 5.2 of the report contains potential improvements relating to:

  • Risk assessment of drilling and well operations on Ekofisk Kilo /Bravo
  • Continuous monitoring of annulus on Ekofisk Kilo /Bravo wells
  • Personnel drills, competence overview and employee participation on Ekofisk Kilo
  • Continuous improvement of the drilling area on Ekofisk Kilo
  • Improvement of technical conditions in the drilling area on Ekofisk
  • Challenges relating to the working environment on Ekofisk Kilo
  • Integrated Operations (IO) on Ekofisk Kilo

Interviews were carried out with the safety delegate and main safety delegate on the Ekofisk Kilo/Bravo facilities.