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Audit of Hydro's management system on Oseberg Sør

During the period 16-19 October 2006, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s' (Hydro's) new management system "APOS" (Work Process Oriented Management System) on the Oseberg Sør facility.

The audit was conducted based on Section 13 of the Framework Regulations regarding the duty to establish, follow up and further develop management systems, Section 3 of the Management Regulations relating to management of health, environment and safety, as well as the Activities Regulations, Section 19 relating to competence and Section 22 relating to procedures.

Oseberg Sør (kilde: Hydro)

The audit on Oseberg Sør (see photo) was conducted by means of reviews of relevant documentation, as well as interviews of selected personnel on board to verify competence and knowledge in relation to the stipulated requirements.

Background for the audit

This audit was a follow-up of two audits in 2005 targeting Troll B and the Oseberg Field Center, in which representatives of the PSA participated as observers in Hydro's internal APOS audits.

The PSA coordinated the preparations for the audit activity aimed at Oseberg Sør with Hydro's internal control and regulatory compliance adviser, because the audit targeted a recently implemented management system in the company.

Prior to the audit, we have received information and insight into the management system and we have received relevant documentation.

We have also received relevant internal APOS documentation subsequent to the audit.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that APOS has been established, that personnel are familiar with the system, and that the system is used - primarily in the drilling and wells discipline, and whether users can access the information they need in order to work in accordance with requirements and best practice.

Another topic of the audit was how APOS supplements, overlaps and functions together with the drilling contractor KCA Deutag's (KCAD's) management systems and procedures.

Result of the audit

We witnessed a positive attitude towards the implementation of APOS.
During the audit we identified one nonconformity and some items where there is potential for improvement. The nonconformity is linked to the implementation of APOS, which had not been completed for the drilling and wells discipline.

The improvement items relate to coordination of KCAD's management system and procedures with Hydro's APOS system, lack of completion of important functions in the APOS system, as well as the location of APOS user stations.

Improvement items were identified in relation to the HSE work on the facility, including content, variation and involvement in the HSE meetings, requirements for rigger courses and certificates for operation of the various cranes in the drilling area.

Some technical deficiencies were also observed in the drilling area relating to requirements for work clothing, personal lifesaving equipment, remote-operated equipment, noise conditions and design of the driller's cabin.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss