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Audit of Idemitsu Petroleum Norge A.S as licensee

On 16 March - 14 April 2004 the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of how Idemitsu Petroleum Norge A.S (Idemitsu) as a licensee complies with its obligations in accordance with the HES regulatory requirements.

The audit began with a meeting in the PSA's offices on 16 March 2004, where an account of the background for the audit was given. The PSA then visited Idemitsu on 14 April 2004 to evaluate the HES management system with a focus on the licensee's compliance with obligations and responsibility in connection with licenses.

Background for the audit

In accordance with the regulatory requirements the licensees shall ensure that the operators can operate safely and efficiently in the area of health, environment and safety (HES). All licensees are obliged to exercise their management prerogative and be actively involved in the important work of achieving a positive development with regard to safety, health and the working environment on the Norwegian shelf.

The licensees have traditionally not been affected by the authorities' supervision activities to any great extent. The licensees in a production license are, however, responsible for long-term planning and allocation of funds in the production license and thereby provide guidelines for the HES work.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), formerly the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), has stated that they will to a greater extent follow up to ensure that the licensees comply with their obligations regarding HES in the various production licenses, both individually and as a group.

As part of this follow-up the NPD established an audit project in the spring of 2002. A number of audits have been conducted. They have been directed towards three established production licenses and four individual licensees. The primary focus of the audit was how the individual licensees and the licensee group comply with their obligations.

Purpose of the audit

The audit was to determine to what extent the licensees comply with their supervisory obligation, give a picture of what effect the exercising of this obligation has, and obtain insight into how the licensee develops management systems to comply with the obligations and identify any improvement areas.

Result of the audit

The PSA has a positive impression following the audit. Idemitsu has established a management system where FIMS is an integrated part. The company takes its supervisory obligation seriously and has an active and determined attitude to its role as a licensee (partner). The company has a determined attitude to HES culture as a licensee. Idemitsu's overall expertise and capacity seem to be adapted to the portfolio of licenses and tasks the company has.

Info on our follow-up after the audit

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