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Audit of Kristin fabrication

In December 2003, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) conducted an audit aimed at Statoil's follow-up of fabrication of the riser balcony and flare boom for the Kristin platform. The audit was conducted with the supplier, Dragados Cadiz.

The audit was based on Section 13 of the (Norwegian) Framework Regulations relating to the duty to establish, follow up and further develop management systems, and Statoil's compliance with the supervision obligation vis-à-vis Dragados Cadiz as supplier.

The audit began with a start-up meeting with Statoil's fabrication site team at Dragados Cadiz on 8 December 2003.

Meetings and conversations were also held with Dragados' project organization and Statoil's fabrication site team, while verifications were conducted in the fabrication facility and in relation to various documents on 9-11 December 2003.

Background for the audit

Key priorities in the NPD's HSE follow-up are to check to ensure that the players facilitate and maintain the technical integrity of installations.

Another of the NPD's performance indicators is to help minimize the costs associated with the risk of material damage and unintentional interruptions in operations.
In recent years, there have also been a number of incidents on the Norwegian shelf that have shown a lack of robustness in the selection of materials.

Fabrication of the riser balcony and the flare boom for the Kristin platform is being carried out at Dragados Cadiz in Spain, and the work is running behind schedule.

Both production quality and progress depend on the weather, and the delivery involves a large number of subcontractors.

For this reason, project management and follow-up of the supervision obligation are complex.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit was to verify that Statoil is managing and implementing the Kristin platform development project in accordance with the applicable requirements in the petroleum regulations.

Another objective was to follow up how Statoil is handling the supervision obligation in relation to the supplier's (Dragados Cadiz) management of deliveries to the project.

Result of the audit

As regards Statoil's handling of requirements in central parts of the petroleum regulations, deviations were discovered in relation to the management system, use of measures to achieve improvements, accessibility of necessary controlling documentation as well as an inadequate system for transfer of experience.

We also see a clear potential for improvement in the handling of technical clarifications, concurrence between the description of the organization and practical execution, as well as regarding a strengthening of the system for planning progress and achieving quality.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss