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Audit of lifting equipment and lifting operations - Total

During the period 21-30 October 2003, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) conducted an audit activity of Total E&P Norge a.s aimed at the company's management of technical and operational factors associated with planning and executing lifting operations.

Background for the audit

The audit was a follow-up activity in accordance with the primary project assignment, and Storting White Paper No. 7 (2001-2002) relating to health, environment and safety in the petroleum activities.
(Recommendation by the Ministry of Labour and Government Administration of 14 December 2001, approved by the King in Council on the same date: "As part of the work to improve the safety of crane and lifting operations offshore, the Ministry has also asked the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to prioritize audits targeting these areas ….".)

The audit was focused on the problem areas discussed in the NPD's report "">Causal relations in lifting operations incidents".
The audit also addressed potential challenges in connection with lifting operations and the upcoming removal activities on the Frigg field.
Frigg field

The Frigg field

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to verify that safety is ensured through management of the technical and operational factors associated with planning and executing lifting operations.

Furthermore, the audit was to verify that the technical condition of equipment is safeguarded by means of inspection and maintenance of lifting arrangements and lifting gear, as well as to ensure that the follow-up of undesirable incidents associated with lifting operations meets the relevant regulatory requirements.

Result of the audit

Relatively few non-conformances were observed during the audit.
One observation, which is not a deviation from the regulations or norms, is that there may be a substantial increase in the lifting activities on Frigg in connection with future removal activities (cessation), and that this could pose a considerable challenge.

The challenge will be in relation to technical condition, maintenance, procedures and training associated with lifting equipment and lifting operations.

This observation has also been identified by Total, although no concrete measures have been implemented as the final, detailed removal plans are not yet available.