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Audit of maintenance management and implemented crane modifications carried out on Balder

Audit: During the period 18-19 September 2009, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) audited ExxonMobil's (EM) activities on Balder. We identified one nonconformity in relation to regulatory requirements, relating to management of barriers, as well as three potential improvements.

The audit was related to aspects of maintenance management and of crane modification on Balder (photo).


The audit was carried out in the form of a review on the facility with meetings, interviews, verifications on the facility, review of documents, and a meeting with the land organisation for technical clarification related to the crane modifications.

Background for the audit
The task was carried out as a follow-up of activities carried out previously, related to EM's work to upgrade the cranes on the Balder (2004-2008), maintenance management in 2007 and an audit of barrier management on Ringhorne in 2008. 

These activities all led to improvement measures by EM.

The audit was especially in connection with regulatory requirements in the Activities Regulations relating to maintenance, lifting operations and competence, and to requirements in the Management Regulations relating to management of barriers.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the management of maintenance activities and implementation of a revised maintenance program on Balder.

Furthermore, we wanted to evaluate the implemented crane upgrades on Balder against the applicable requirements in the HSE regulations.

Result of the audit
During this audit, we identified one nonconformity from the regulations relating to management of barriers, as well as three potential improvements related to implemented crane modifications and lifting operations with cranes, competence management and maintenance management.

Journal 2009/1064 (documents in Norwegian)