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Audit of maritime systems and emergency preparedness on Mærsk Inspirer

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), assisted by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD), conducted an audit of maritime systems and emergency preparedness on the mobile drilling facility Mærsk Inspirer (photo) during the period 22-24 February 2005.

The audit was implemented by means of inspection rounds on the installation and review of documents both prior to the audit and during the audit on board the Mærsk Inspirer.

With regard to preparedness, the focus was on marking and labeling, technical solutions, access to escape and rescue equipment, as well as escape and evacuation routes. Other areas of focus included stability and weather and water-tight closing mechanisms.

Background for the audit

Maersk Contractors Norway AS has applied for an (AoC) for the Mærsk Inspirer. In that connection, the facility will be evaluated in relation to the PSA's regulations. Pursuant to Section 3 of the Framework Regulations, the PSA's regulations allow for the use of relevant NMD regulations with supplementary classification standards.

Purpose of the audit

The intention of this audit was to make sure that the technical condition of the facility and the ship-owner's organization and management systems are in accordance with relevant regulations within the disciplines maritime systems and emergency preparedness.

Result of the audit

The general impression subsequent to the audit is positive. Some observations were made connected to the maritime systems, including two nonconformities relating to the control panel.

In addition, some preparedness-related nonconformities were detected as well as a point with potential for improvement. These factors are mainly related to marking and labeling of escape and evacuation routes, as well as marking of primary access to the infirmary on board.

Moreover, some factors emerged where emergency equipment was not ready for use. This applied among other things to vacuum packed survival suits and technical equipment in some fire cabinets.

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Mike Theiss