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Audit of maritime systems at Norne and Njord

Audit: On 23 and 24 September 2009, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) audited Norne and Njord with the assistance of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. The audit was mainly directed at personnel competence in connection with maritime systems. We identified no non-conformities in relation to regulatory requirements.

The audit was conducted  as part of our scheduled audit activity at StatoilHydro's premises in Stjørdal, and took place in the form of conversations and document reviews.

Background for the audit
In Section 19 of the Activities Regulations, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway  has stipulated requirements relating to competence in the petroleum activities. The guidelines to the provisions give further guidance with reference to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's Regulations No. 687 relating to qualifications.

Meetings have previously been held with both Statoil and Hydro concerning the interpretation of these provisions, and we have assessed StatoilHydro's requirements to competence in WR2128 to provide an acceptable level.

StatoilHydro's main requirements, as summarised in WR2128 Item 2.1, are:

  • Requirements related to the maritime competence of the maritime coordinator in accordance with stability manager pursuant to the regulations of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.
  • Requirements related to the control room operator in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Purpose of the audit
The audit was conducted to evaluate whether StatoilHydro complies with the regulations, and to evaluate the company's own requirements as regards competence of maritime personnel.

Result of the audit
Deficient compliance with our guidelines relating to maritime competence and StatoilHydro's own requirements was identified.