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Audit of offshore cranes – Rowan Gorilla VI

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted an audit of offshore cranes on the jack-up drilling facility Rowan Gorilla VI (RG6). Three non-conformities and two areas of improvement were identified.

Rowan Gorilla VI (Source: Rowandrill Inc)
Rowan Gorilla VI

The verification activity on board the RG6 was performed by the PSA during the period  5-6 October 2009, while the facility was in yard stay in Dundee UK, for 5 years class survey and upgrades on the rig.

Rowan Gorilla VI (RG6) is a jack-up drilling facility. An application for acknowledgement of Compliance (AOC) has been submitted to the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) for this facility prior to its intended work on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) in 2009.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify compliance with relevant regulatory requirements for the offshore cranes.

As a general observation, Rowan has made considerable improvements regarding the offshore cranes compared to the status at the previous verification in December 2007.

During the verification on board the RG6, three non-conformities and two area of improvement were identified.


Areas of improvement: