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Audit of pipeline design for Energiverk Mongstad

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Statoil ASA's (Statoil's) control of the design of the gas pipeline for the Energiverk Mongstad (EVM) project during the period 18 -20 June 2007. We identified no non-conformities from the regulatory requirements during the audit, but have discovered six potential areas for improvement.

Energiverk Mongstad (kilde: Statoil)

Energiverk Mongstad (source: Statoil)

Background for the audit
An important priority for our follow-up of HSE issues is to ensure that the players follow up the technical condition of the facilities. It is in this connection important that the operator follows the detail design stage closely. This can identify potential weaknesses which may have consequences for the operations phase of the pipeline.

In connection with our follow-up meetings with the EVM project we identified challenges and areas which were important to our future follow-up of the project. The pipeline from Kollsnes to Mongstad is relatively short, approx. 60 km, but it represents considerable challenges in terms of pipeline design and installation. The project also contains important interfaces, and management of the activities in the design stage is an important challenge for the development operator.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to follow up that the design stage is planned and implemented in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and recognized standards.

Furthermore, the objective was to verify that the operator has established and implemented a suitable management system, including a system for follow-up of suppliers. It was also an objective to verify that the management systems ensure follow-up of interfaces, as well as transfer of experience to and from the project.

Result of the audit
Statoil has established a management system for design of the pipeline for the EVM project, and this management system has been implemented in the project.

No non-conformities were identified during the audit, but we have discovered six area with potential for improvement. This relates to the follow-up plan, quality plan, follow-up of interfaces, review of documents, document log, as well as a description of the project organization.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss