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Audit of preparedness-related conditions in the Volve project

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has audited the implementation of the Volve project, focusing on preparedness-related conditions. The audit uncovered no non-conformities.

The audit was carried out in the form of meetings with Maersk, Statoil, Vetco Aibel and Teekay.

The audit activity focused in particular on conditions related to major accident contributions, the establishment of safe evacuation routes, evacuation, as well as the dimensioning and location of rescue and evacuation equipment. We also looked at the interface towards preparedness-related systems onboard the facility Maersk Inspirer.

Furthermore, the PSA focused on employee participation in the project, cf. Section 6 of the Framework Regulations, relating to facilitation of employee participation.

Established systems for the handling of non-conformities have been reviewed.

The aim of the audit has been to verify that engineering and fabrication take place in accordance with the regulations. It has been important to establish that the different players have adequate management systems for handling the different phases of the analysis and planning processes.

We have reviewed the governing documents and specified requirements for the project. We have assessed the companies' audit and follow-up activities, and we been given an account of planned and implemented planning and analysis efforts according to the requirements of Section 133 of the Management Regulations, relating to general requirements for analyses.

Following the audit, it is our view that the companies manage the implementation of the Volve project according to the relevant regulatory requirements. The audit uncovered no non-conformities. We are therefore pleased with the company's handling of preparedness-related conditions as regards the project implementation at this stage of the project.


Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss