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Audit of Prosafe - HSE management systems and working environment

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Prosafe Offshore Ltd (Prosafe) in Aberdeen from 21-22 February. The audit was aimed at the areas of HSE management and working environment.

The audit was conducted by means of presentations of elements of the management system, interviews and conversations with employees as well as verification of governing documents.

Background for the audit
Prosafe is responsible for operation of the Safe Scandinavia flotel. The facility has secured the PSA's Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) which was issued in April 2007. This audit was part of an expanded follow-up of factors identified in audit activities before the AoC was issued.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify that factors linked to the HSE management system and follow-up of the working environment meet the requirements laid down in the Norwegian regulations. The activity was performed on the basis of previous audits targeting Prosafe.

Result of the audit
During the audit we identified nonconformities associated with Prosafe's systems for following up working environment factors, handling nonconformities and follow-up of emergency preparedness.

As regards follow-up of the working environment, nonconformities were identified in relation to establishment of specific requirements for the various working environment factors and lack of working environment analyses. Nonconformities were also noted in connection with Prosafe's systems for following up and correcting regulatory nonconformities.

It has taken longer than originally expected to correct several nonconformities, although the PSA is not aware of any exception deadlines being exceeded. 

As regards follow-up of emergency preparedness, nonconformities have been revealed in connection with the fact that performance requirements have not been defined, thus making it difficult to systematically follow up the quality of the emergency preparedness as required by the regulations.