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Audit of Snøhvit - fabrication of process facilities

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted an audit activity aimed at Statoil's follow-up of the fabrication of the process facilities on the barge to be placed at Melkøya. The activity was carried out at the supplier, Dragados in Cadiz, during the period 1-3 September 2004. No non-conformances were registered as regards management, supervisory duty or implementation of the fabrication.

The audit started with a meeting in which the PSA gave a briefing regarding the intention of the audit. Statoil explained its follow-up of the project, including procedures and status. The main contractor, Linde, also provided information on its follow-up of subcontractors and the status of CE labeling. Verifications were conducted, mainly on the barge and documentation.

Background for the audit

The PSA's prioritized HSE follow-up includes making sure that the companies facilitate and maintain the technical integrity of installations.

Furthermore, one of the PSA's performance indicators is to contribute to minimizing the risk of material damage and unintentional production disruptions.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit activity was to verify that Statoil manages and implements fabrication of the process facility at Melkøya (the Snøhvit project) in accordance with applicable requirements in the petroleum regulations, including temporary regulations relating to safety and working environment for certain petroleum facilities on land and associated pipeline systems and regulations relating to pressure equipment.

Another objective was to follow up how Statoil handles its supervisory duty in relation to the supplier's (Dragados Cadiz's) management of deliveries to the project.

Result of the audit

As regards Statoil's compliance with requirements in central portions of the petroleum regulations, no non-conformances were identified in relation to management, supervisory duty or implementation of the fabrication.

According to the plan, all process equipment is to be installed on the barge before it is transported to Melkøya next year.

There is, however, a possibility that this plan cannot be followed completely, which largely relates to the piping systems in the facility.

On this basis, it is extremely important that Statoil is prepared for a situation where parts of the equipment must be installed after the barge is placed at Melkøya, and that the company implements the necessary measures to reduce any undesirable consequences of such a situation.
Illustration: Statoil

Melkøya (Illustration: Statoil)

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