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Audit of Snorre B - falling objects

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted an audit of Snorre B with regard to incidents classified as falling objects

The audit activity entailed a presentation of selected topics at a start-up meeting on 21 April 2004 at Forus, interviews with land-based personnel at Forus 13 May 2004, interviews with personnel at Snorre B and verification on the installation on 25 to 27 May 2004.

Background for the audit

The background for the audit is the large number of reported incidents classified as falling objects in Statoil in recent years. Several of these incidents have had a large potential for serious personal injury or death.

Today falling objects on the Norwegian shelf constitute 40 %-50 % of all incidents reported to the PSA. These incidents are generally not related to major accidents, but to personal injuries. In 2002 two fatal accidents occurred on the Norwegian shelf which could be related to falling objects, and consequently it is important to pay attention to these incidents.

The audit is a continuation of a corresponding audit carried out with Statoil UPN "General follow up of incidents in 2002 and audit of Heidrun" "Follow-up of incidents with special focus on falling objects" in 2003.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to document that Statoil, as well as its contractors, have the necessary focus on preventing the occurrence of falling objects and, if possible, to limit the extent of the injuries.

The audit activity comprises overall objectives, HSE action plans, follow-up of incidents in Synergi, identification of repeated incidents, use of incident-related data in analyses, assessing the effect of the measures, transfer of experience and overall order and cleaning at the installation.

Result of the audit

Incidents classified as falling objects are a challenge at Snorre B. The organisation has implemented or plans to implement a number of measures that will be instrumental in reducing the number of falling objects, such as:

- OIM focusing on falling objects in conversations with personnel who arrive at the installation.

- Tampen analysis of falling objects

- A conversation on risks in carrying out a job in the field.

- Review of measures from red and yellow incidents in the Tampen area from 2003 for the purpose of identifying relevant measures on the installation.

- Audit of derrick

- Avoid falling objects

Even if measures have been implemented to prevent the occurrence of falling objects, there is still a potential for improvements. The organisation has not taken into consideration the extra workload the implementation of the colleague programme has entailed in connection with the planning of the HSE-acitivities for 2004, and no priorities have been set for the implementation of measures.

Information on our follow-up after the audit

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