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Audit of Songa Offshore’s management system

Audit: On 25 and 26 March, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the management system related to health, environment and safety (HSE) at Songa Offshore. We identified several non-conformities and areas with the potential for improvements.

The audit was carried out at the company’s offices in Stavanger and through the review of provided documentation.

Background for the audit
Songa Offshore has applied for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the mobile facility Songa Dee.

Songa Dee is a new player on the Norwegian continental shelf, and the audit of the company’s management system is an important part of the process of reviewing the AoC application. The facility has previously been operated by Stena Drilling was responsible for operation Songa Dee until 17 March 2009.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify that Songa Offshore’s management system was established in compliance with the requirements in the regulations related to follow-up of working environment, execution of compliance measuring, systems for handling non-conformities and exceptions, training and competence, follow-up of incidents and the execution of follow-up activities.

Result of the audit
Songa Offshore has ongoing activities for establishing management systems for the operation of the facility.

We identified non-conformities in relation to regulatory requirements related to the management of training and competence, handling of non-conformities and exemptions, follow-up of incidents, implementation of audits and the establishing of procedures related to work environment follow-up.

Furthermore, we identified several areas with potential for improvement.