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Audit of Statoil's operations involving Polar Pioneer on Snøhvit

On 14 December 2005, we conducted an audit of Statoil's planning and implementation of operations involving the Polar Pioneer on Snøhvit. Subsequent to the audit, it is our impression that Statoil manages the planning and implementation of their operations well.

The audit was conducted as a meeting where the company presented measures and plans according to an agenda proposed by the PSA.

The following issues were addressed:

  • Status of the drilling operations and particular experiences and challenges encountered so far.
  • Transfer of experience from the operations with Eirik Raude and from Nobales.
  • Statoil's internal follow-up and follow-up of the contractors.
  • Incidents.
  • Emergency preparedness plans for serious incidents.

Result of the audit

Polar Pioneer (source: Statoil)We have not discovered any serious shortcomings in Statoil's planning and implementation of operations involving the Polar Pioneer on Snøhvit.

There have been no major difficulties with the operations and Statoil pointed out that this is due to thorough planning and the fact that the planning started early.

Furthermore, it was emphasised that the Polar Pioner was a good facility. Thorough work has been performed to prevent discharges from the installation and, so far, this has yielded good results.

Statoil has followed-up experiences and measures from Eirik Raude and implemented these into the daily operations. With regard to weather situations, existing resources in the area have been employed in order to ensure satisfactory forecasts. With regard to emergency preparedness, the anticipated measures have been implemented.

Moreover, we regard it as positive that the management inspections on the facility have been carried out according to plan.

However, we did note that Statoil should check in advance whether the personnel have received training in the use of the new survival suits prior to their departure for the facility.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss