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Audit of Talisman – Yme MOPUstor

Audit: On 6 and 7 July 2009, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) held meetings with Talisman Energy Norge AS (Talisman) and SBM about Yme MOPUstor at the shipyard in Abu Dhabi.

The meetings were held to clarify what is to be done with previously identified non-conformities and improvement items within the electronical and technical safety areas.

Background for the audit
The PSA is to set standards for and follow up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain high standards as regards health, safety and the environment, and thereby also contribute towards creating the greatest possible values for the Norwegian society.

The PSA shall also contribute towards reducing the risk level in the petroleum activities by following up the players to ensure that they facilitate technical and operational integrity. Technical safety forms key parts of the technical barriers, and good maintenance of these is important to maintaining an acceptable risk level.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to clarify what the operator intends to do with the unclarified issues following previous audits of the electronics and technical safety areas.

Result of the audit
The meetings contributed to a clarification of previously identified non-conformities and improvement items. These are referred to in Chapter five of the audit report.