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Audit of technical condition of Ekofisk

During the period 18-22 October, we conducted an audit at ConocoPhillips Norge (CoPNo) of the technical condition of Ekofisk (photo). The audit was aimed at the process, technical safety and electrical disciplines.

Background for the audit

In the award letter from the Ministry, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is ordered to

  • Help reduce the risk level in the petroleum activities offshore - including:
    - Follow up to ensure that the players facilitate the technical and operational integrity of the installations
    - Follow up to ensure that the players avoid hydrocarbon leaks and other incidents that have a high potential in relation to the risk of major accidents
  • Ensure that the topic of HSE culture is integrated and followed up through the PSA's various audit activities

Experience from previous audits, as well as reported incidents from Ekofisk, have also helped form the background for the audit.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to verify that safety is ensured through management of technical and operational factors when planning and executing activities.

Another objective is to verify that CoPNo follows up undesirable incidents in a satisfactory manner through registration, internal and external reporting, identification of causes and actions, as well as utilizing the experiences gained from incidents in the preventive safety work.

Result of the audit

The audit activity revealed certain non-conformances with the regulations. None of these were so serious, neither individually nor together, that they provided grounds for issuing an order.

The report also contains items where there is a potential for improvement.

A status of maintenance on the Ekofisk complex as of October 2004 shows that the outstanding workload has been reduced during the course of the past year.

This applies to both corrective (PM02) and preventive (PM01) maintenance activities.

The total volume of outstanding PM02 maintenance activities is in the order of 1600 work orders, and priority is being given to further reducing this work volume.

We thank ConocoPhillips for good facilitation, cooperation and assistance in connection with implementation of the audit activity.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority:
Mike Theiss