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Audit of technical integrity of load-bearing structures

During the period 7 -8 June 2004 we conducted an audit of control and handling of safeguarding of the technical integrity of load-bearing structures at ConocoPhillips Norge (CoPNo) on the Ekofisk field. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) sent the audit report to CoPNo on 2 July 2004.

In the audit we have inter alia used a method for measuring the organization's maturity. The method has been developed in cooperation with Cranfield University.

Background for the audit

The background for the audit is the PSA's prioritization for health, safety and the environment in verifying that the players facilitate and maintain technical integrity on the installations.

Follow-up of the Management Regulations' requirement regarding risk reduction and establishing barriers also formed the basis for the audit activity.

Purpose of the audit

The goal of the audit was to verify that CoPNo has management systems that reduce the risk of structural failure in aging installations, and that they have qualified solutions for handling the technical integrity of load-bearing structures.

It was also a goal to see that requirements for quality assurance, on the basis of procedures and the provisions of the HSE regulatory requirements, are complied with.

Result of the audit

Our evaluation is that CoPNo places emphasis on improving its process for safeguarding the technical integrity of load-bearing structures.

In this connection CoPNo has started work on further developing and improving the elements of the management system on the basis of requirements for barriers in the HSE regulatory requirements for the petroleum activities.

The report contains observations of areas with a potential for improvement.

Contact person in the PSA:
Mike Theiss