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Audit of technical safety, preparedness and maintenance on the drilling rig Stena Dee

On 10 June 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out a verification activity on board the drilling rig Stena Dee during the workshop overhaul at Verolme in Rotterdam.

The activity was directed at control systems and technical conditions related to technical safety, preparedness and maintenance. The activity was carried out in the form of interviews and verifications on board.

Background for the audit

Stena Dee is a semi-submersible mobile drilling rig built in 1984 at Mitsubitshi Heavy Industries, Japan. The rig has previously been in operation on the Norwegian shelf, but has been in operation on the British shelf or laid up during recent years

Stena Drilling Ltd (Stena) has applied for Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the rig. The company has a letter of intent from Chevron for drilling of a well on the Norwegian shelf, which is planned to start in August/September. During the time at the workshop in Rotterdam significant upgrading has been carried out on the rig.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of this activity was to verify whether the control and technical conditions related to the technical safety, preparedness and maintenance on Stena Dee are in accordance with regulatory requirements. The verifications are carried out based on information received in connection with the AoC application from the company.

Result of the audit

Planned modifications on Stena Dee will contribute towards raising the HSE level on the rig. To prepare the rig for operation, a comprehensive programme for testing the systems on board is carried out. Plans are also prepared for training and drills before the rig is ready for operation.

New deviations from the nonconformity handling system, signposting and marking, self-closing doors, the emergency shut down system, fire extinguishing on the helicopter deck, expertise in preparedness organisation, equipment at the fire stations as well as use of emergency numbers and clothing of MOB-boat personnel were identified during the audit.

Nonconformities were also identified in the maintenance system applied, as well as in connection with lack of maintenance and in storing of equipment in the main engine room. Several potential points of improvement in documentation, tidiness and cleaning, passive fire protection, protection in connection with use of rotating equipment and colour coding of lifting equipment were also uncovered.

The large numbers of new identified nonconformities indicate that the company's control systems have flaws. The company must therefore review their systems for the purpose of obtaining better control of the nonconformity situation on the rig.

Information on our follow-up after the audit

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