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Audit of the LNG process facility in Hammerfest

During the period 9 - 10 May, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit aimed at Statoil in connection with the current completion of the process facility and barge for transport to Melkøya. In the area covered by the audit, no non-conformities from the regulatory requirements were discovered.

The audit included the following areas:

  • Project status (barge and process facility).

  • Strategies, plans and procedures for transfer work.

  • Commissioning packages with emphasis on piping systems.

  • Preparation and securing of equipment on barge for transport to Melkøya.

  • Organisation of the completion work of barge on Melkøya.

  • Inspection on barge / process facility


Sketch: Statoil

Hammerfest LNG facility (source: Statoil)

Background for the audit

The PSA shall contribute to the reduction of risk levels in the petroleum industry through ensuring that the players follow up and facilitate technical and operational integrity on the facilities and through the follow-up of the interaction between people/technology/organisation in HSE-critical systems.

Completion and transport of barge with process facility from the fabrication workshop in Cadiz is regarded as a critical operation with regard to quality and integrity.

Moreover, this applies to how the remaining work, which should have been carried out in Cadiz, is documented and transferred to the organisation on Melkøya, which will then complete the facility and test it prior to putting it into operation.

Purpose of the audit

On the basis of the strategies, plans and procedures applying to the current work, the PSA has with this audit endeavoured to clarify to what extent the installation work and preparation for the transport take place in accordance with the current regulations and in accordance with Statoil's safety regulations for such activities.

Furthermore, the purpose of the audit is to ensure that Statoil is in control of the safety-related consequences of the remaining planned/unplanned work which will be transferred to Melkøya (Transfer Work / Carry Over Work).

Result of the audit

In the area covered by the audit, no non-conformities from the regulatory requirements were discovered.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss