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Audit of the Ormen Lange facility at Nyhamna

During the period 12-14 March 2007, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the construction site activities at Ormen Lange - Nyhamna. Norsk Hydro has implemented and achieved improvement as regards the challenges we have previously noted.


Nyhamna (photo: Øyvind Leren, source: Hydro)

The audit included following up the measures after the crane and lifting audit conducted from 14-16 August 2006 (link), as well as follow-up of implemented measures subsequent to various meetings and conversations in connection with incident trends in the autumn of 2006.

The audit was conducted in the form of verification within defined areas and through conversations with the involved personnel.

Background for the audit

In connection with the notification of order following the crane and lifting audit on 14-16 August 2006, Norsk Hydro implemented a number of measures to address the challenges that emerged during the audit.

During the autumn of 2006, concern was also communicated on several occasions due to an apparent increase in undesirable incidents. In this connection, Hydro has presented plans and activities to e.g. improve the lessons learned from undesirable incidents.

In addition, the construction activities are approaching conclusion, while some lag can also be traced compared with the plans. The PSA is concerned with ensuring that the HSE aspects are fully safeguarded in connection with a potential stepping up of activities to make up for delays.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that systematic work takes place to both learn from and prevent incidents, and that management involvement is evident in this connection.

Another objective was to verify that the company's planned and presented measures have been implemented, and to what extent these measures have had the desired effect.

Result of the audit

Through the conversations held and the verifications around certain parts of the facility, it seems clear that Hydro has both implemented and achieved improvement in relation to the challenges pointed out previously.

There also appears to be sufficient openness and confidence in the organization to both give and receive signals regarding possible future pressure or undesirable trends.

Nevertheless, some observations were made and these are described in the audit report.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss