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Audit of the production pipeline at Tyrihans

In the period 24 February - 15 March 2006 we conducted an audit of Statoil's management of the fabrication of the production pipeline to Tyrihans ("BuBi-pipe").

The audit was carried out according to the following plan:

  • Opening meeting with the Tyrihans project at Forus on 24 February 2006.

  • Meetings, interviews and verifications with the supplier, Butting, in Germany 14 and 15 March 2006.

  • The summary meeting was held at Butting's 15 March 2006. 

Background for the audit

A central priority for our HSE follow-up is to make sure that the players follow up the technical condition of the facilities. In this connection it is important to monitor material properties which are altered by aging, and at the same time map other potential degradation mechanisms for these materials.

In connection with our processing of the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) of the Tyrihans field, several areas for follow-up in our further work with the project were identified.

For the production pipeline, the areas identified included choice of materials, choice of cathodic protection system and choice of system for direct electrical heating (DEH) for hydrate control.

Tyrihans is a technologically demanding project. Statoil has chosen the pipe type "BuBi-pipe" for the production pipeline. It is the first time Statoil carries out a pipeline project combining S-laying and longitudinally welded BuBi-pipe. There is limited long-term operational experience with this type of pipeline.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that the operator's management system safeguards assumptions of design, choice of materials and technological qualifications in fabrication of the production pipeline to Tyrihans ("BuBi-pipe").

Furthermore, the goal was to verify the operator's system for follow-up of suppliers, and make sure that the control systems ensure transfer of experience in the follow-up of choice of materials and fabrication.

Result of the audit

Statoil has established a management system for the delivery of the "BuBi-pipe"-pipeline to Tyrihans, and this management system has been implemented in the project.

We have revealed a nonconformity where Statoil has not carried out necessary supplier follow-up.

Furthermore, we have identified five areas with potential for improvement. These areas are experience transfer, work description for Statoil's on-site representantive, job description, organisational chart and registry trackability for technical questions.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss