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Audit of the risk of major accidents at Kårstø

On 4 May, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit at Kårstø with main focus on risk mapping and preventive maintenance in relation to the risk of major accidents.

Background for the audit

The PSA sets the terms and follows up the players in the petroleum activities to ensure high-quality efforts in the field of health, safety and the environment, thereby also contributing towards creating the greatest possible values for the society.

We are to contribute to reducing the risk level in the petroleum activities by following up to ensure that the players facilitate technical and operational integrity in the activities.

The audit was based on the Major Accident Regulations, the purpose of which is to prevent major accidents involving hazardous chemicals, as well as to limit the consequences that a major accident may have on human beings, the environment and material assets.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to evaluate whether the enterprise has satisfactory control over factors related to the risk of major accidents, with particular focus on risk reduction and preventive maintenance.

Result of the audit

No direct non-conformances in relation to the regulations were uncovered.

Info on our follow-up after the audit

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

Ole-Johan Faret