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Audit of well services

The audit was conducted in the spring of 2007 and targeted technical aspects, working environment aspects and operational integration in connection with well services for Statoil ASA. We have not identified nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements during the audit.

The formal basis for the audit was, in particular:
The Framework Regulations, Section 5 relating to responsibility according to these regulations, Section 13 relating to the duty to establish, follow-up and further develop a management system and Section 14 relating to qualification and follow-up of other participants.

The Management Regulations with requirements concerning risk reduction and analyses, with Section 1 relating to risk reduction, Section 4 relating to objectives and strategies, Section 5 relating to internal requirements, Section 8 relating to basis and criteria for decisions, Section 11 relating to manning and competence and Section 17 relating to analysis of the working environment.

The Activities Regulations, Chapter VIII relating to working environment factors with Section 31 relating to arrangement of work (individual and overall factors), Section 33 - 40 relating to various working environment factors and Section 41 relating to information on risk during conduct of work.

The limited scope of the audit activity vis-à-vis Statoil and the relevant cooperating well service companies has highlighted certain challenges that the PSA has elected to continue in a different transverse audit activity focusing on groups at risk (link).

During the audit we have, among other things, identified the following challenges that the company should examine in more detail:

  • Major accident potential associated with well service work.

  • Competence (training).

  • Capacity and continuity.

  • Standardization (technical factors).


We have asked StatoilHydro to submit its evaluation of our observations by 31 December 2007.

It may be relevant to continue this audit activity with StatoilHydro after we obtain the results of our transverse audit of groups.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss