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Audit of working environment and electrical and safety systems on Aker Spitsbergen

Audit: During Week 37, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of working environment and electrical and safety systems on Aker Spitsbergen. The audit targeted technical aspects within the affected disciplines on board the facilities, as well as how management aspects of the working environment area are handled.

Aker Spitsbergen (source: Aker)

The audit was carried out at the workshop on Stord and at the company's office in Stavanger.  The activity consisted of reviews of submitted documentation as well as verifications on board the facility.

Background for the audit
Aker Drilling Operation AS has applied to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the dynamically positioned drilling facility Aker Spitsbergen.

The company has entered into a long-term contract with StatoilHydro for use of the facility on the Norwegian continental shelf with activity mainly on the Åsgard, Norne and Heidrun licences.

Aker Drilling has the Aker Spitsbergen and Aker Barents drilling facilities under construction at Aker Solutions' workshop on Stord.  Aker Drilling was established in 2005 and Aker Spitsbergen is the company's first facility to undergo commissioning.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to verify that management and technical aspects within the relevant technical disciplines are safeguarded in accordance with regulatory requirements. The company's own compliance measurements were used as a basis for the verifications.

Result of the audit
- Working environment
The working environment circumstances on the Aker Spitsbergen largely appear to be in order, although certain nonconformities and improvement items were identified.

However, we were unable to obtain a complete overview of the working environment factors on the facility due to the commissioning work.  Some of the verifying working environment measurements cannot be carried out until the commissioning work has progressed further.

This relates, for example, to factors in connection with area lighting, ventilation and noise measurement.  Work was underway to update the working environment area chart (WEAC) for the facility to document compliance with working environment requirements in the regulations.

The activity revealed that no compliance measurements had been carried out on third-party equipment that will be permanently installed on the facility.

Some nonconformities and improvement items linked to Aker Drilling's management systems for following up working environment factors were revealed. These items are mainly related to deficient preparation of governing documents that are to be in place before the facility can commence operation on the continental shelf. 
- Electrical and safety systems
High-quality equipment and system solutions have been utilised in this technical discipline.  In relation to the information that emerges from Aker Drilling's AoC application, two new nonconformities and two improvement items were found.  Some of the nonconformities in the application are not adequately documented.

The need for additional information was reviewed in connection with the verifications on Stord. The company will submit updated nonconformity applications.