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Audit of working environment management in Transocean

In December 2005, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Transocean Offshore Ltd's management systems for the offshore working environment.

The audit was conducted in the form of interviews at Transocean's offices on land on 13 December, and verifications on the Transocean Leader (see photo) during the period 14-16 December.

Transocean Leader

Focus areas for our audit included:

  • Transocean's system for following up the working environment offshore.
  • Implementation and follow-up of working environment surveys.
  • Follow-up of the psycho-social working environment.
  • Chemical management.

Background for the audit

Following up the working environment is an important part of preventive HSE work, and is therefore also a key element in the PSA's priorities. Transocean's follow-up of working environment conditions has previously been illuminated in connection with the application for (AoC) for facilities including the Transocean Leader. Therefore, this audit can also be regarded as being a follow-up of this process.

Link: Acknowledgement of Compliance for Transocean Leader

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the audit was to obtain an overview of Transocean's management system for systematic follow-up of the working environment in all phases/stages of the management loop.

Another objective has been to gain an overview of working environment challenges and the status of working environment efforts on the Transocean Leader, as a basis for further follow-up of the company by the PSA.

Result of the audit

Transocean has implemented several comprehensive measures that have a positive impact on the working environment on the Transocean Leader. These measures include a closed system for handling drill cuttings and the cooling system for drilling fluid. There has also been focus on training in connection with handling oil-based drilling fluid.

The PSA's impression is that Transocean's system for managing chemicals was positive, and no deficiencies or nonconformities were noted in this area.

Our impression of Transocean's systems for mapping and following up the psycho-social working environment was also generally positive. We did, however, note a potential for improvement in connection with the survey method the company plans to use in the future.

The audit revealed one nonconformity related to an inadequate working environment in the pipe-handling cabins. Several areas with improvement potential were also identified.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss