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Audit on Gyda - area emergency preparedness

As part of the general audit activity targeting area emergency preparedness on the Norwegian shelf, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted a verification activity from 27-29 October 2004 aimed at Talisman Energy Norge AS' (Talisman's) Gyda installation.

Foto: BP

The audit was mainly based on Chapter VI-II Competence and Chapter XI Emergency Preparedness in the Regulations relating to conduct of activities in the petroleum activities (the Activities Regulations).

There was also focus on regulatory requirements related to fire protection and detection, ref. Chapter VI-IV of the Activities Regulations, and prerequisites for use with appurtenant provisions.

The audit activity was well organized by Talisman, and a good climate of cooperation on board the Gyda installation (photo) contributed to completing the activity according to the plan.

Background for the audit

The operators ConocoPhillips, BP and Talisman cooperate on emergency preparedness for the southernmost fields in the North Sea.

The audit was a planned activity in relation to the PSA's audit plan and the award letter from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (ASD).
Pursuant to the audit plan and the award letter, the PSA shall set standards for and follow up to ensure that the players in the activities maintain high standards of health, environment and safety, and thereby contribute to creating the greatest possible value for the Norwegian society.

To achieve this goal, one of the priority follow-up areas for audits in 2004 is to ensure that the players facilitate the technical and operational integrity of the installations, and follow up the interplay between human beings, technology and organization in critical HSE systems and operations.

Emphasis was also placed on the fact that there have been no audit activities on Gyda targeting emergency preparedness for a relatively long time.

Purpose of the audit

The objective of this audit activity was to verify that Talisman's management systems safeguard HSE in a prudent manner, and that operational, technical and organizational factors within the preparedness discipline, related both to area emergency preparedness and preparedness for the Gyda installation, were in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

The activity also included an audit of the operator's compliance with terms and conditions and verification plans.

Talisman is new as an operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, and another objective of the audit was to establish a constructive dialogue for feedback, communication and accumulation of experience with the installation and the crew on board.

Result of the audit

The audit did not reveal any serious factors that entail a notification of order.

The main impression from the audit is that there is room for improvement as regards certain emergency preparedness factors on board Gyda, as well as some factors that relate to the area emergency preparedness.

We have identified some circumstances with potential for improvement for which we ask that Talisman provide clarification:

  • Quality assurance is deficient as regards the standby vessel contract - capacity and performance

  • Transfer of experience is deficient between the operating companies after area-related emergency response drills

  • The robustness of the emergency preparedness organization - deficient overview of extra emergency personnel

  • Insufficient training of the emergency preparedness organization - first aid team

  • The emergency preparedness organization does not train key deputy functions

  • Lifeboats - roles and responsibilities must be clarified

  • Worn paint on escape routes in parts of the outdoor area

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority:
Mike Theiss